Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shopperfund®?

Shopperfund helps you pay financial obligations like bills and loans more quickly. Sign up for free, register an obligation, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing Shopperfund forwards your PayOff Credits to the obligation you register!

How does Shopperfund work?

Shopperfund allows you to earn PayOff Credits at your favorite shopping destinations to help you make payments towards your financial obligations. After signing up for free, register an obligation we'll pay and begin earning PayOff Credits when shopping online at over 2,000 popular shopping destinations. When you invite your friends and family to share their PayOff Credits, the rewards simply multiply.

How do I track my PayOff Credits?

You can track your PayOff Credits on the Account Summary screen on any web-enabled device like a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.

When will I see new PayOff Credits post to my account?

PayOff Credits generally take 2-5 days from the date of purchase to display on your Account Summary screen and could take up to three weeks to post to your account. Although you will see the PayOff Credits in your Account Summary, it may take 60 days or more for the Merchant to forward funds for your payment.

How are PayOff Credits forwarded to the obligation I choose?

When at least 25 PayOff Credits are posted as earned to your account, Shopperfund automatically forwards your PayOff Credits to the obligation you choose. It may take your Merchant 60 days or more to forward funds to Shopperfund for your payment. Your Account Summary screen tracks your PayOff Credit payments and charts your total payoff.

How are PayOff Credits valued?

Each PayOff Credit equals one U.S. dollar. PayOff Credits are not redeemable in cash.

How large is the PayOff Credit network?

You can earn PayOff Credits in Shopperfund's network of over 2,000 online retailers including member favorites like Walmart, Target, Kmart, Macy's, Gap, Groupon, petco, Starbucks, Best Buy, Kohl's, and thousands more. Shopperfund continues to invest in expanding our network and you're the one who benefits!

Can I earn PayOff Credits from my shopping in stores and not just online?

Shopperfund is currently developing the capability to enroll your credit or debit payment cards you use every day when shopping in stores to more easily earn PayOff Credits from your everyday shopping.

Can I transfer my PayOff Credits to another Shopperfund member?

You can invite friends & family to share their PayOff Credits with you by clicking PayOff with Friends on your Summary screen.

Does Shopperfund refund PayOff Credits for returned purchases?

Shopperfund receives information on returned purchases and adjusts your earned PayOff Credits to reflect updated information about transactions.

Do my PayOff Credits expire?

PayOff Credits expire exactly twelve months after they are earned and posted to your account.

Do my PayOff Credits earn interest?

PayOff Credits do not earn interest.